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On 14th April 2010 at us the born puppies

6 Males   &  2  Females  (Sable&White)

                                       Father:                                                      Mother:                                                            

                                    import    England                                            J.Russia Champion,

                                           Russia Champion

                                 Gerian  Sunpure                                    Laknest  Magic Of Angel


9 weeks on  photos


Male  1- it is sold



Male 2 - it is sold



Male  3 - it is sold



Male 4 - it is sold



Male  5 - it is sold


Male 6 - it is sold


Female 1 - it is sold



 Female 2 - it is sold

   1   months on  photos

Male 1 



Male 3 


Male 4





Male 6


 Female  1


 Female 2

The pedigree of puppies


  Gerian  Sunpure   



Gerian Sunset



Geosan Flashback Of Mallicot



CH Gerian Sunshine


CH Gerian Sunsilk


Gerian Hello Handsome


Gerian Sunbeam


J.Russia Champion,

Russia Champion

 Laknest  Magic Of Angel



Top Stud Dog - 2007, 2008, Top Junior Dog - 2005, Internationale Champion, JRussia Champion, J.Club Champion, Russia, Bulgaria Champion, National Club Champion, Grand Champion of Russia, RKF Champion, BISP-2, BISJ, BISJ-2, 4 x BIG-2

Old Golden Gates Absolut Ace



Poland Champion

Xplorer of  Slatestone

Old Golden Gates Quintessence

Maverny Gorgetgirl



Russia Champion

Brilyn Designer Image

Russia Champion

Matai Fancy Me